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Anchored by the industry’s most secure MMS platform, our solutions address all aspects of mobility deployment and management.

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Mobile Security

Comprehensive mobile security solutions that protect users, devices, and corporate resources.

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Expense Management

Secure cloud-based logistics, contract and SLA management backed by robust dashboard analytics providing limitless reporting options.

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Telecom Lifecycle Management (TLM)

Our fully-managed SaaS solutions increase visibility into telecom spend and reduce costs.

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Experience the Most Secure Management Platform

WidePoint is the leading provider of customized telecom and mobile management solutions to the U.S. public sector. WidePoint also delivers MMS Solutions to commercial enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies.
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WidePoint’s Solutions are customized to each organization to deliver maximum value, enhanced security and data protection. No matter your industry or enterprise budget, WidePoint has the expertise needed to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

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