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Fairfax, VA – May 31, 2023 – WidePoint Corporation (NYSE American: WYY), the innovative technology Managed Solution Provider (MSP) specializing in Identity & Access Management (IAM), Telecommunications and Managed Mobility Services (MMS), Analytics & Billing as a Service (ABaaS), and IT as a Service (ITaaS), has opened two new locations for issuing Identity & Access Management credentials.

WidePoint provides information assurance and authentication services for business-to-government, government-to-government, and citizen-to-government entities. WidePoint ECA credentials are issued to more than 18,000 unique companies including Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, colleges and universities, private & public research organizations, healthcare organizations, banks and financial institutions.

Jin Kang, WidePoint’s CEO, stated: “WidePoint is honored to be trusted by these diverse organizations and to see the demand for WidePoint U.S. Department of Defense certified credentials increase. As more government and commercial personnel and contractors seek expedited services, we are expanding our credentialing team in Fairfax, Virginia and opening locations in Columbus, Ohio and Hampton, Virginia.”

WidePoint now offers credential issuance appointments at these locations:

Columbus, Ohio:

  • ECA Medium Hardware Credentials
  • NFI PIV-I Credentials
  • ECA PIV-I Credentials

Fairfax, Virginia:

  • ECA Medium Hardware Credentials
  • NFI PIV-I Credentials
  • ECA PIV-I Credentials

Hampton, Virginia:

  • ECA Medium Hardware Credentials
  • NFI PIV-I Credentials
  • ECA PIV-I Credentials

“WidePoint has been issuing U.S. Government authentication credentials since 1999,” said Jason Holloway, WidePoint’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We are excited to open these new credential issuing locations for ECA and PIV-I Credentials. By appointment, WidePoint now supports same day issuance in and around Columbus, Fairfax and Hampton. These geographic locales represent established and growing communities of users.”

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, visit Schedule Appointment.

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WidePoint Corporation (NYSE American: WYY) is a leading technology Managed Solution Provider (MSP) dedicated to securing and protecting the mobile workforce and enterprise landscape. WidePoint is recognized for pioneering technology solutions that include Identity and Access Management (IAM), Mobility Managed Services (MMS), Telecom Management, Information Technology as a Service (ITaaS), Cloud Security, and Analytics & Billing as a Service (ABaaS). For more information, visit

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