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About WidePoint

WidePoint Corporation (NYSE American: WYY) is an innovative provider of Trusted Mobility Management (TM2) solutions.

Trusted partner to government and enterprise, WidePoint has a diverse portfolio of clients, serving global and international organizations and the Fortune 100 across a multitude of industries. WidePoint is the leading provider of customized telecom and mobile management solutions to the U.S. public sector. WidePoint is also an approved and trusted issuer of U.S. government strong authentication credentials since 1999 and a provider of Identity Management (IdM) credentialing services since 2006.

Our Solutions

Serving the Mobile Workforce.
Securing the Mobile Environment.

Trusted Mobility Management converges at the intersection of WidePoint’s pioneering solutions:

WidePoint’s TM2 Solutions are interoperable with legacy systems and integrate seamlessly with all leading software applications on the market today.