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Fairfax, VA – September 28, 2022 – WidePoint Corporation (NYSE American: WYY), the Trusted Mobility Solutions company, announced that WidePoint IAM Solutions is now being piloted within IT groups at several K-12 schools. The Phase 1 Pilot project includes the elimination of user name and password for Tier 1 IT staff for system and network access, for securing email communication with the schools, and for controlling physical access using existing door readers. Phase 2 will include all school staff members, and scheduling the other phases.

Jason Holloway, WidePoint’s Chief Revenue Officer, stated: “Ransomware attacks on our nation’s school districts and systems are creating a strain on students, staff and resources, draining technology funding, devastating budgets and impacting technology investments that can benefit students and secure schools. Frankly, many of the security offerings in place are not working.”

The WidePoint-ORC cybersecurity team pioneered Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). PKI is an unmatched solution centering around strong authentication for controlling both logical and physical access. WidePoint’s next generation federally-certified IAM solutions deliver quantum-resistant PKI solutions for multifactor authentication. WidePoint has evolved our IAM solution for the State, Local and Education (SLED) and commercial markets. 

Caroline Godfrey, Chief Security Officer of WidePoint Cybersecurity Solutions Corporation, stated: “User IDs and passwords in combination with one-time passcodes (2-factor authentication) to personal phones are recognized as antiquated solutions and the genesis for malware or ransomware attacks. WidePoint’s multi-phased deployment approach allows for the smoothest, non-intrusive deployment by starting with Tier 1 IT staff, then moving to critical users, teachers, servers, students and devices. Securing schools with PKI, the strongest authentication solution used by the U.S. Department of Defense and civilian federal government agencies, is a significant step forward and game changer for the school community.”

Holloway added: “Schools, government agencies and commercial enterprises need stronger cybersecurity. We are rolling out WidePoint’s IAM solution to schools and look forward to expanding this work. Additionally, we are now developing a national cooperative contracting vehicle to help schools more easily procure this essential solution.”

The global use of PKI will enable increased information sharing and technological collaboration. PKI is so important in today’s digital age because millions of applications and connected devices require verification. And the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to millions of new connected devices needing to be secured, and authenticated.

Jin Kang, WidePoint’s CEO, stated, “We have been investing in our Identity & Access Management as a Service (IAMaaS) for PKI and we are happy to see that our efforts are gaining traction in this critical space of strong authentication. With the continued cyberattacks on our critical infrastructure on the rise, we see enormous growth opportunities in this space. I look forward to providing additional updates on this pilot project and our commercial IAM wins in the near future.”

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