WidePoint Solutions Corporation

WidePoint acquired Avalon Global Solutions, Inc. (AGS), a leading provider of communications lifecycle management services, technology, and solutions predominantly to the commercial sector, to accelerate our efforts to push our automated system-based communications lifecycle management solutions broadly into the commercial sector both in the U.S. marketplace and abroad.

AGS became WidePoint Solutions Corp., and retains its long-time commitment to customer satisfaction. Its hands-on approach to communication management means our dedicated account managers, live help-desk representatives, and expert technical staff are available to help you manage and control your communications assets.

WidePoint Solutions Corp. has offices in Detroit, Chicago, Nashville, and Los Angeles. See our Locations page for contact information.

WidePoint offerings boast foundations built with the expertise and market experience of its subsidiaries, bringing together leading solutions and technology that allow us to deliver for our customers.

Explore WidePoint Managed Mobility Services and you’ll see WidePoint Solutions Corp. at work.