Windows To Go

Certificate-on-Device™ provides the highest possible level of assurance for Windows To Go, combining WidePoint (ORC) Trusted Certificates with the SPYRUS WorkSafe Pro certified drive so users can work securely from anywhere, with or without network access.

SPYRUS Worksafe Pro Microsoft Certified Windows To Go DriveWidePoint Certificate-on-Device for SPYRUS WorkSafe Pro fulfills the need many organizations have for trusted mobile devices that guarantee device identity, personal identity, and secure network access from any global location.

Work Securely from Anywhere

SPYRUS WorkSafe Pro is a Microsoft-certified Windows To Go drive. Windows To Go lets users take their work PC with them on a bootable USB stick, which they can use on non-corporate computers at home, in hotels, etc., and access a workspace that includes the files, folders, and apps they use at work—even without a network connection. It is a cost-effective solution that ensures employees and contractors have access to their work computing environments wherever they need it—ideal for teleworkers and travelers, employees who share computers, and for contractors who use their own personal computers or devices.

The Highest Possible Level of Assurance for Windows To Go

WidePoint Certificate-on-Device leverages advanced security features of SPYRUS WorkSafe Pro, enabling hassle-free security that provides the highest possible level of assurance for Windows To Go. WidePoint’s digital certificates are stored in a cryptographically protected environment on the drive and can be used to manage identity credentials and provide additional security functionality such as two-factor authentication, smart card logon, secure VPN, encrypted email, digital signatures, and remote revocation of certificates on lost or stolen drives.

Certificate-on-Device for Windows To Go is ideal for organizations seeking to:

  • Certificate-on-Device for Windows To Go Video IconEnable traveling employees to access their work computer environment securely, with or without network access.
  • Provide secure computing environments for teleworking without the expense of purchasing laptops.
  • Ensure employees working during travel leave no trace of corporate data on untrusted devices.
  • Provide contractors with a trusted work environment dedicated to and owned by the organization without having to purchase and manage computers for them.

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