Certificate-on-Device™ Apps

WidePoint Certificate-on-Device streamlines and protects the delivery of digital certificates that enable users to conveniently and securely authenticate to corporate resources.

CODAppsImage_webNot just any app will do. WidePoint Derived-ID and WidePoint Person-ID apps enable the secure delivery and installation of high-assurance WidePoint digital certificates to mobile devices. The private/public keys are generated on the device—in the native OS store or other secure containers, for truly secure mobile authentication.

Easy & Convenient for Users

No specialized knowledge or training is needed to install and use the digital certificates. The apps can be pushed to employee devices using an existing MDM, or installed by the user. The app provides prompts for the user, and incorporates a series of challenge authentications and approvals, assuring that the authorized user has possession of the device during the entire issuance process.

Multi-factor Authentication for Mobile Devices

Provide users with the freedom to work anywhere, any time on their mobile device of choice, by enabling secure access to the same resources they use at their corporate computers.

Flexible Implementations to Meet Your Needs

  • Generate keys directly on the device and within the native OS store, making the digital certificates automatically available for use by applications while being protected in secure containers, including Samsung KNOX, microSDs, and other secure embedded elements
  • WidePoint works directly with major phone manufacturers (e.g., Samsung, LG, Kyocera) to integrate directly with on-board crypto modules
  • Certificate-on-Device supports majority of mobile operating systems, including Apple iOS
  • Supports your compliance requirements, such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HSPD-12.