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WidePoint Partners with Mount Airey Group to Provide Solution for Global ePassport Verification

Secure, cloud-based solution enables inspection systems and quality assurance systems around the globe to verify the digital security features of ePassports

McLean, Virginia – March 11, 2014 – WidePoint Corporation (NYSE Mkt: WYY), a leading provider of Managed Mobility Solutions featuring enterprise-wide telecommunications management, cybersecurity, identity and data assurance, and consulting solutions delivered in a secured cloud environment, announced today that it has launched and now provides ePassport Certificate Management & Validation as part of its PIVotal ID™ Managed Validation Services. The solution complies with the standards set forth by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which have been adopted by nearly all of its 191 member states (http://www.icao.int/about-icao/Pages/member-states.aspx).

WidePoint’s solution leverages the Ozone® ePassport technology from Mount Airey Group, Inc. Ozone® provides the capability to obtain digital certificate validation data elements and apply them effectively, securely, and efficiently in an operational environment without the installation of a large and expensive infrastructure. This makes it a faster, less costly way to deploy electronic verification of ePassports.

“WidePoint’s PIVotal ID validation service manages Master Certificate Lists for Country Signing CA certificates that establish trust points for each country,” said William Russell, CTO, Mount Airey Group. “By leveraging our Ozone® ePassport solution, WidePoint’s Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliant validation service obtains the relevant digitally signed validation data from issuing country repositories, validates the document signer certificates and trust chain, and services validation requests from inspection systems.”

According to the U.S. International Trade Administration Office of Travel & Tourism Industries (http://travel.trade.gov/), U.S. citizens made more than 60 million trips to overseas destinations during 2013 and non-resident visitation into the U.S. exceeded 50 million, but the infrastructure to electronically verify ePassports is not widely available.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Mount Airey Group to make it possible for airports, airlines, and regulatory Agencies to effectively, securely, and efficiently verify ePassports,” said Steve L. Komar, CEO & Chairman of WidePoint Corporation. “The use of ePassports is growing, and benefits of their security features can only be fully realized when the infrastructure to read and verify them is in place. We view this as a wonderful opportunity to fill this need with a highly scalable and recurring transactional revenue model that can easily and cost effectively be deployed within a mobile cloud environment.”

About Mount Airey Group, Inc.

Mount Airey Group, Inc. (MAG) is an 8(a) advanced technology services company that focuses on enterprise architecture, information security, identity management, secure authorizations, and security related business processes in order to provide solutions that meet the complex information security and technology needs of its customers. Over the past decade, MAG has designed and implemented high availability enterprise infrastructures, pioneered innovative identity and access management solutions, and provided policy and procedural guidance for government agencies and international standards bodies in order to help analyze and foster adoption of leading edge technology solutions. This focus has led to the design, development, and deployment of its Ozone® Solution Suite in support of enterprise-scale identity and access management (IDAM) solutions, including ePassport analysis and validation capabilities, and atomic authorization capabilities incorporated within cloud and mobility solutions. MAG is certified by GSA as an official Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) Systems Integrator, is actively engaged with several international standards bodies including IETF and ISO/ANSI, and is a direct participant in the ICAO-supporting working groups developing the guiding requirements and standards for machine readable documents. For more information, please visit www.mountaireygroup.com.

About WidePoint

WidePoint (NYSE Mkt: WYY) is a leading provider of secure, cloud-delivered, enterprise-wide information technology-based solutions that can enable enterprises and agencies to deploy fully compliant IT services in accordance with government mandated regulations and advanced system requirements. WidePoint has several major government and commercial contracts. For more information, visit www.widepoint.com.