Delivering Maximum Telecom Cost Savings for State and Local Government Agencies

WidePoint is dedicated to helping government agencies reduce costs and improve management of both wireless and wireline telecom assets, invoices, contracts and services. WidePoint subsidiary iSYS has delivered more than $150 million in realized telecom cost savings for federal, state, and local government agencies since 2003.

Our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions combine industry expertise and customized TEM best practices to audit, optimize, and manage wireline and mobile contracts, assets and services. Supported by ITMS™, our proprietary Web-based Telecom Lifecycle Management portal, WidePoint iSYS TEM solutions deliver unrivaled data security.

Some examples of our work for State and Local Government include the following:

Recovered for a County Government
Recovered for a State Government
Saved for a major Public University
Saved for a County Fire Department
Saved for a Transportation Agency
Annual Savings for a Social Services Agency
Saved for a Local Government
Saved for a County Government
Recovered for a State Government

No matter the agency size or budget, WidePoint TEM Solutions deliver maximum savings.

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