Enterprise Solutions

The challenges brought on by the growth and evolution of mobile devices and how we use them, along with the security threats that go with them, have prompted many organizations to consider managed services for mobility, telecom, and cybersecurity. For decades, WidePoint has been helping enterprises do just that, reducing costs, improving efficiency, optimizing services, and protecting users, networks, and data.

We believe that businesses don’t have to be burdened with higher costs and increasing security risks that can distract from achieving business goals, or worse, be costly and cause irreparable damage. WidePoint has the experience, knowledge, tools, and solutions to ensure our customers have the freedom to focus on success.


Mobile Security

Establishing effective policies is critical to creating a scalable, adaptable, successful mobile program.
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Telecom Expense Management

Comprehensive expense management reduces costs while supporting your organization’s needs and policies.
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PIVotal ID™ for Business

Approved by the Federal Bridge and the DOD as an approved PIV-I provider.
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Digital Certificates and Credentials

ECA digital certificates for conducting business with the government as well as access to online services.
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Identity Management

Trusted digital identities for e-commerce, online banking, and Internet-based enterprise applications.
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24/7/365 Full Service Support

Our state-of-the-art call centers are available 24/7 to help your users stay productive.
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