Mobile Policy

Like laying the cornerstone to initiate the construction of a new building, defining your corporate mobile telecom policies and establishing best practices is critical to creating a strong foundation for a scalable, adaptable and successful mobile program.

To withstand the rapid advances in technology and the ever-changing requirements of your workforce, mobile telecom policies must be defined and enforceable. WidePoint will help you develop mobile telecom policies based on best practices of federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies that will:

  • Enforce controls with standardized procurement and logistics processes
  • Limit expenses by selecting preferred carriers, plans, devices, and services
  • Create additional cost savings with user-group optimization and role/attribute-based access control
  • Monitor and regulate wireless usage (e.g., texting, SMS, tethering, Web access, data, Bluetooth, etc.) with Acceptable Usage Policies (AUPs) at the user and device level
  • Enhance security with Over-the-Air (OTA) management employing signature and encryption technologies that ensures data integrity and protection of intellectual property

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