First Responder Accountability Solutions

Supporting the needs of our Critical Response Communities

The complexity of our comprehensive solution combines the technical requirements and the insight into the infrastructure, processes and practices of each of the varied communities. The solution is designed to support the needs and considerations of each of the communities comprising the public safety, emergency services, and critical infrastructure resource pool while considering the overarching policies inherent in the governance by federal agencies led by DHS, DHHS, DOJ, and DOD. Also incorporated in the design is the expected guidance to first responder credentialing being drafted cooperatively between ANSI and FEMA.

Our solution is designed to assist in managing the full range of events, from day-to-day responses to multi-jurisdictional and/or multi-state disasters. A trained firefighter or police officer can resolve a minor traffic accident; many skilled individuals are required for a mass disaster. Central to managing an emergency event of any size is the ability to coordinate the proper resources to directly operate and resolve the disaster, then to manage the recovery.

Raptor ID™ Identity and Attribute Management in the Operational Environment

Raptor ID is supported by credentials scalable from barcodes to smart cards issued to the volunteer first responders have the further utility to be used for other purposes requiring a fully vetted identity. Raptor ID creates a baseline for attributes based on national standards organizations like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), The National EMS Scope of Practice Model from the Department of Transportation, National Incident Management System (NIMS) classifications, and a specially designed proprietary baseline of Law Enforcement skills, the system is similar to that used in network management. In addition to these mandatory “attributes,” additional information about the individual who has enrolled is maintained, i.e. skills, training, certifications, a detailed medical record, etc. The Raptor ID field enrollment kit allows the client to conduct “just-in-time” credentialing operations in a field or operational environment. Raptor ID Desktop Smart Card Reader/Writers are included in the solution offering as well as program management and training.

CONDOR® Evidence Management and Tracking System

CONDOR provides an end to end complete solution for managing and processing a crime scene, and tracking the collected evidence from discovery, to documenting and individualizing each artifact, through collection, packaging and printing bar coded/RFID evidence labels on scene.

CONDOR is a scalable and robust combination of task specific hardware and software that is designed from the user up. This approach has allowed our development team and subject matter experts (criminal investigative practitioners) to focus on creating a tool that fits the user and requires minimal changes to their operational process or existing work flow. This user centric focus is the key to creating a tool that “fits” the end user to the greatest extent possible, eliminating the frustrations of trying to adapt to new technologies while still maintaining a consistent, technically correct and systematic approach to processing a crime scene.

The system consists of multiple options for tablet devices used to gather, collect, record and manage information. CONDOR is not bound to any specific type of hardware for user input, allowing for continued migration to newer handheld technologies as they emerge offering greater flexibility to field users.

CONDOR is also highly configurable; it is designed to be able to adapt to specific user or agency requirements for data capture, report, and form filling configurations, so that data entered in the field can be printed on your agency’s forms in the specific order and format desired. CONDOR is designed to allow for the collection and management of unique data set attributes, so that information collected may be aggregated and used in a manner consistent with an agency’s established reporting and record keeping protocols. This ease of configuration also translates into the ability to modify CONDOR in the event of system or procedural changes, so that obsolescence is minimized.

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