Watch the Certificate-on-Device Video OverviewAs IT infrastructures extend beyond traditional boundaries
into the Cloud and the number and variety of mobile devices continues to proliferate, organizations increasingly struggle with securely managing access and protecting data.

At the same time, employees want to use their personal mobile devices to work whenever they want, wherever they are—and accommodating that successfully can pay off with increased productivity and more motivated employees.

With WidePoint Certificate-on-Device™ digital certificates and validation services, you can be sure that your IT environment and policies can be securely extended beyond the walls of your business, creating the flexible virtual perimeter required for today’s mobile workforce.

  • Ensure that the only devices accessing your network are authorized and protected
  • Manage what users can access and download based on whether they are using their personal or corporate- owned device
  • Ensure your compliance with regulations related to accessing restricted data
  • Enable a secure connection between mobile devices and your corporate network
  • Revoke certificates of devices that were lost or stolen, or belong to an employee who has left your organization

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