Access Management and Data Protection

Provide authorization, audit, and session management functions to define individual access rights for business partners, suppliers, customers, or employees.

There is no inherent trust on the Internet. Today usernames and passwords are no longer effective in protecting your data in Network or Internet Environments. “Data in Motion” is where your information is in its most vulnerable state. When you consider that password resets dominate over 50% of all help desk calls and that most administrators have password reset policies every 90 days (or four times a year); the cost to an organization is high to administer this inefficient form of protection. At WidePoint we offer unique encryption solutions to protect all data by securely encrypting all of the transmissions to and from any Internet and Intranet platform utilizing digital signatures.

Secure your business and personal assets with asymmetric authentication deployed as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with Remote Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Device Authentication (DA), and Out-of-Band Authentication (OBA) Encryption Solutions.

Our approach is unique in that we create a “tunnel within a tunnel” that secures the user to the device, the device to the network and the network user to the Certificate Authority (CA). A user is then provided with the first piece: a client, which contains all the programming to establish a secure tunnel. This is a common piece and needs to be loaded on all computers to establish the tunnel. The second piece of information a user receives is their own unique certificate and start-up script. The tunnel wraps all of your IP packets in a secure communication path from the client to the server. The data headers, usernames, and passwords that would otherwise be vulnerable to outside attack are now hidden. The tunnel is established and authenticated with the user’s certificate.

The problem with most available encryption solutions today is that they are based upon DES, 3DES, AES, PGP, RSA, 128- or 256-bit encryption all of which can easily be hacked. For additional protection, our 2048-bit Dynamic Encryption algorithm can be coupled with our Graphic User Interface (GUI) with fingerprint Biometric Clip Drive providing positive identification by allowing your certificate to be stored on a removable clip drive so it is easy to move from system to system so even if your laptop, computer or hard drive is lost or stolen no information is vulnerable to attack.

Our Secure Network Operating Center (SNOC) allows us to act as your “Trusted Third Party Certificate Authority” taking away the complexity of self-managing the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This eliminates the difficult-to-recall and easy-to-decode PINS and passwords forever; while allowing the user to store their key with them when they sign off their device.

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