Reduce costs
Increase security
Improve user convenience

The WidePoint ECA PIV-I helps safeguard access to data and applications while meeting the demands of users for a simple sign-in process.

  • DIGITAL SIGNATURE – trusted by the DoD and federal civilian agencies
  • ENCRYPTION – protect sensitive data
  • ECA PIV-I Smartcard CredentialLOGICAL AUTHENTICATION – log on to networks and authorized DoD and federal civilian websites
  • PHYSICAL AUTHENTICATION – secure access to government facilities
  • CORPORATE BADGE – upgrade existing employee badges to higher levels of protection

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bank_medReduce Costs

The ECA PIV-I enables your organization to reduce costs and heighten your return on investment (ROI) by leveraging this same strong identity credential for use within your enterprise. Buy once, use extensively!

cloud_security_medIncrease Security

WidePoint’s ECA PIV-I Credentials give your organization multi-factor authentication, digital signature, and encryption capabilities to meet the assurance of identity required by the Federal Government and needed to protect your corporate assets. Discover how the many security features can work for you.

person_medImprove User Convenience

One card, multiple uses – With the issuance of one card, you eliminate the management of multiple credentials and increase productivity. No more keeping track of cards and swapping them out to access different applications and sites.

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ECA PIV-I Smartcard Credential